Psychedelia and Fantastic Realism

Critic's Pick Release Date: 2010-06-23

If you — for some cosmic reason — don’t feel like shelling out $886.84 for a skybox at the Heroes of Woodstock concert, consider taking a bite of space cake (imitation, of course) and checking out Long Hall Gallery’s Psychedelia and Fantastic Realism exhibition. Über-trippy Lubbock-born illustrator Jim Harter, most recently celebrated for his published collection of collages, Initiations in the Abyss: A Surrealist Apocalypse, shares the walls of this self-proclaimed “off-the-beaten-path gallery” with SA’s own A. Andrew Gonzalez and Cindy De Jesus, and like-minded Austinites Gregory Pettit, Darren Minke, and Jason Parker. Once your eyes have had an exhaustive workout, channel your inner guinea pig with one of the “frequency attunement sessions” offered at the reception courtesy of Subliminal Phoenix — an entity that specializes in “introspective archaeology.” Free, 7-11pm, Long Hall Gallery, 618 W. Craig, (210) 320-4852,