Whiskey Ships w/ the Mechanical Walking Robot & Chris Gavito

Critic's Pick Release Date: 2010-07-14
ove Aqueduct, the debut release from local musician Mikey Chapa's Whiskey Ships, has the sort of title you probably shouldn't think about too much. The second definition for aqueduct in Webster's is "a canal or passage in a part or organ," but there's a vast difference (get it?) between what might be an obscure penis pun and the more telling song names: "Don't Change the Way You Rock n Roll," "Record Store," "Maybe I Need a Revolution." Maybe you don't. The Ships are designed to be less a band than frontman and songwriter Chapa plus a revolving cast of musicians, but Aqueduct's conglomeration of likeminded featured players - lead guitarist Santi Martinez, drummer Paul Ward (Lil Bit and the Customatics), bassist Roland De La Cruz (Los Mescaleros), keyboardist Scott Lutz (Snowbyrd), and backup vocalist (and occasional Current contributor) Nicolette Good - make a good case against progress.