Art opening: Lari R. Gibbon: Passengers

Critic's Pick Release Date: 2010-08-04

“The migration of invasive species through maritime commerce, exploration, and travel” is the basis for Lari R. Gibbons’s Passengers, an exhibition created exclusively for Blue Star’s Gallery 4. A printmaking and drawing instructor at the University of North Texas, Gibbons tells unsettling tales by visually mapping out the arrival of turf grass in Antarctica and human cholera in South America. Gibbons created Petri dishes (inhabited by the silhouettes of displaced life forms) and a map-like “motif,” to explain that when “ships take water and organic matter into their hulls and discharge it upon reaching their destinations” — you might find a few unexpected Passengers in tow. Free, 6-8pm, Blue Star Contemporary Art Center’s Gallery 4, 116 Blue Star, (210) 227-6960, On view until August 28.