De los Muerte

De los Muerte
Composer: DJ Dus
Conductor: DJ Dus
Label: Exponential
Release Date: 2010-08-04
Rated: NONE
Genre: Recording

This “mini EP” from Corpus Christi’s DJ Dus is a $3 dance party constructed by cutting world-music (heavy on the cumbia) samples into snippets suitable for 808 beats. What differentiates Dus from the countless other DJs who attempt similar mash-ups is his feel for the original musical forms he’s splicing together: Any of these three tracks could’ve conceivably come from a much larger or more versatile than average party band with a drum machine and some extremely forward-thinking arrangements. The organic sound begs for dance steps, not glowsticks, and the 10-minute playtime makes De los Muerte perfect for some office-breaktime cabbage-patching between TPS reports (please don’t actually do this). Stream it for free at If you’re actually throwing a dance party, though, you’d better buy and burn a few of Dus’s other titles because, unlike that hypothetical futuristic party combo, there’s no begging Muerte for an encore. DJ Dus will celebrate De los Muerte’s release August 6 at Limelight with Mexicans With Guns and Diego Bernal. Go to for more information.