New School Chicana


Growing up on the Westside of San Antonio, I was immersed in Mexican-American culture as a child and have grown into an adult who now faces the challenge of sharing that experience with the world, breaking down the stereotype of what it means to be an American of Mexican descent. 

My goal is to create – or re-create – community in this space, forging an arena where daughters (and sons) of the Westside and other barrios across San Antonio can come together to share memories, establish – or continue –  a cultural, spiritual, and political dialogue, and build our collective Chicana/o consciousness. 

My cultural awakening and the desire to put it into action began in college, which tends to be the place where these sorts of things happen.  Liberalism is born inside of you and you wake up one day with an urge to fight.  You pick your fight, and realize that all of a sudden, you have the time, energy, and resources to do something about it.  Protest rallies, round-table discussions, the information mecca that is The Internet - they all become the ammunition in this war between the status quo and your desire to make the world a better place. 

And then you graduate.

You begin to forget what it was that fueled that fire inside of you.  Bills, student loans, reality television, and your "real job" all begin to take priority.  You know that in some corner of time in the world, you had a cause.  But what was it again? 

So I bring to you my desire to rekindle that awareness in you, me, and our Mexican-American community - everyone from the business student at UTSA to the day laborer on Frio Street.  Let's use this space to start a fire, and let's make it incendiary.

Questions?  Comments?  Pissed off?  E-mail me at

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