Blackbird Sing

Blackbird Sing
Composer: Blackbird Sing
Conductor: Blackbird Sing
Label: Self
Release Date: 2010-09-15
Rated: NONE
Genre: Recording

How unfortunate that “Manxiety” opens an otherwise pleasing debut EP by the new self-described “Texicana” group Blackbird Sing. That song, also the longest on the album, begins promising enough with simple piano and acoustic guitars, but about one minute and 20 seconds in, the chorus begins, along with a tinny, misplaced guitar line. It throws off the entire song and bleeds into the next, though the heavy-titled “Spoils of a Pyrrhic Victory” ultimately rises above the awkward guitar. The rest of the songs nearly camouflage some disjointed musicianship with catchy, jangly honky-tonk rock. It’s not the most precise effort, but an admirable start for a country rock group comprised of a pop punk lead singer (Robert Vito Salinas, formerly of Dieboy) backed entirely by a hardcore band (Madex-13). For a taste that’s sweet, not tinny, check out the slow Southern jam on “If You Own It.”