Simian Mobile Disco Is Fixed

Simian Mobile Disco Is Fixed
Composer: Various Artists
Conductor: Various Artists
Label: Defend Music
Release Date: 2010-10-13
Rated: NONE
Genre: Recording

The Simian Mobile Disco is Fixed mix celebrates cheeky monkey Londoners James Ford and Jas Shaw’s new residency at New York City’s FIXED parties. The duo’s spastic collection ranges from the spacey “Eternal Night” by Brain Machine, to Jurek Przezdziecki’s oozing deep house track “Qwerty Poema,” to the mind drips of Clement Meyer’s “Midnight Madness.” Chateau Flight’s “Baroque” is designed to get people on the dance floor while Delia Derbyshire’s psychedelic track “Dreams” retells haunting dreams of drowning — perhaps this explains why it’s listed last? Music blogger extraordinaire Philip Sherbourne even pops up with his mind-boggling “Salt and Vinegar.” Simian Mobile Disco itself remixes the heavy trance track “You Can Dance” by DJ Hell and contributes the ambient track “Nerve Salad” that will be released on its upcoming album Delicatessen. Even without original material, the minds behind Simian Mobile Disco remain experts on finding the right sounds to get your fix.