Come Around Sundown

Come Around Sundown
Composer: Kings of Leon
Conductor: Kings of Leon
Label: RCA
Release Date: 2010-10-27
Rated: NONE
Genre: Recording

Come Around Sundown, the latest from the Kings of Leon, feels like a totally natural progression from their breakout mega-hit, Only by the Night. On the new album, the Kings still employ big- and shiny-sounding guitars, arena-rock rhythms, and Caleb Followill’s iconic howl. Though the band considers these songs a return to its roots, any of the tunes would fit perfectly on Kings of Leon’s previous two slick productions. Still, Sundown boasts a bit of a darker vibe, and the waves of guitar and bass flow from one song to the next in a moody rhythm. There are a few standout tracks: gorgeous opener “The End” immediately engages, and Sundown’s first single, “Radioactive,” has hooks in all the right places (although it lacks the punch added by the children’s choir in the video version). Overall, the lovely Come Around Sundown has the potential to grow into another hit maker for Kings of Leon as they continue to fill stadiums around the world.