AGUA Fundraiser with Mexicans with Guns, Mnlo, Butcher Bear and Charlie, Sonora, Le Doom, & Pena

Critic's Pick Release Date: 2010-11-23

Burn off your holiday excess dancing with AGUA, Aquifer Guardians in Urban Areas. Not only does this environmental action group protect the Edwards Aquifer, they throw a serious party too. Their post-Thanksgiving shindig aims to increase awareness about water issues, but unless the hot electro line-up goes with a liquid-themed night, you might be too busy booty shaking to notice. Fun new Austin act Butcher Bear and Charlie (left) bring their sultry vocals and breakbeats (may I suggest a “Purple Rain” cover?), along with Mexican with Guns’ cosmopolitan barrio beats, Sonora’s tropical-tinged remixes, Le Doom’s hot-shit house, Mnlo’s cut-and-paste cumbia-hop, and Pena’s spastic set (with a “Dark Rain” remix and an original titled “Wet Dreams,” he’s a natural pick for our genius theme night idea.) Of course, no SA good deed goes without a BBQ plate or tamale sale, and naturally this party provides both. Free, 9pm Fri, Nov 26, Nightrocker: Live, 605 San Pedro,