DREAM Act march: the racist image of the Alamo, military injustice


Graciela Sánchez, executive director of the Esperanza Peace & Justice Center in San Antonio, spoke on the rise of hate in the nation and the broader (negative) ramifications of the DREAM Act for the poor.
It’s not at all the immigration reform we need, but we’re here, I’m here because it is that compromise pero mas porque los jovenes de San Antonio ... The DREAM Act, the reason some peple like it, especially some Republicans, because we’re going to let these little Mexican immigrants, and Asian immigrants, and Arab immigrants, and all immigrants, especially since our gente, our young people, aren’t graduating from high school, the only way out is through the military or college. Well, guess where our kids are going to be going to? The military. So we’re going to be the fodder, as we always have been, but even more so as we continue to globalize our world and push our wonderful corportations onto all the other worlds, where Walmart can be the biggest employer in the world, if it's not already.