Hogwild Records 30th Anniversary Party with Nightosaur, Kill Yourself, Chamber of the 13 Skulls, & Martyrhead

Critic's Pick Release Date: 2011-01-12

They say elephants never forget, but punk-rock pigs aren’t known for their ability to remember fussy little details like exactly what year Hogwild first opened its doors (could it be all the excessive partying back in the ’80s?). One thing’s for sure, though, the Main Strip mainstay has been in the business of providing alternative music to San Antonians since 1981, and maybe even 1980. Anyone? Rather than making an executive decision about its age, Hogwild plans on turning 30 until further notice. Your first opportunity to celebrate with the folks that may have sold you your first Joy Division LP comes on Friday, when Minneapolis-based Nightosaur (which sounds like “extinction” according the classic rock/metal/new-wave band’s MySpace page) storms Nightrocker Live with support from S.O.D. tribute band Kill Yourself, metal mongers Chamber of the 13 Skulls, and Martyrhead — the “ultimate Motörhead tribute band.” $5, doors at 8pm, show at 10pm, Nightrocker Live, 605 San Pedro, (210) 265-3573, nightrockerlive.net.