Texans Head to Foot

Release Date: 2011-02-09

For Texans Head to Foot, the Institute of Texan Cultures reinterprets Footprints and Imprints, an exhibit readers might remember seeing in the museum’s entrance between 2002 and 2009. The display of hats, shoes, boots, and accessories provides “three-dimensional character sketches” of such famous Texans as Buddy Holly, Selena, Dan Rather, Kinky Friedman, George Strait, and Lady Bird Johnson, as well as “everyday people who have done extraordinary things” (astronaut Bernard Harris, firefighter Kimberly Smith, and Texas Ranger Joaquin Jackson to name a few). While functioning as a sartorial time capsule, the collection also offers a glimpse of the varying personal tastes of Ann Richards (whose boot design includes a white star and a yellow rose), Heloise (who clearly has a thing for purple), and a growing list of other inspiring Texans. $6-$8, 9am-5pm weekdays and Saturday; noon-5pm Sunday; Institute of Texan Cultures, 801 E Durango, (210) 458-2300, TexanCultures.com. Through May 1.