Sonic Youth: Simon Werner a Disparu

Sonic Youth: Simon Werner a Disparu
Label: SYR
Release Date: 2011-02-16
Rated: NONE
Genre: Recording

The newest release from this weathered New York City fixture is the score for the French film of the same name directed by Fabrice Gobert. The recording is a disjointed trek through classic Sonic Youth hooks, with the inevitable valleys of meandering riffs that worm their way into the wet dreams of ambient music connoisseurs. Most of the tracks are stilted pieces that end abruptly, composed to complement the corresponding visuals rather than function as stand-alone pieces. This is to be expected for a score, but an omission of any vocals stymies this from being a full Sonic Youth experience. Haunting piano tracks are scattered throughout the album, effectively working towards unifying the whole, but that may never have been the band’s intent. It isn’t until the final track, “Theme D’Alice,” that the band’s familiar vibe seems to surface. This is not where you jump into Sonic Youth, but rather serves to supplement their expansive and impressive catalogue