Art opening: CAM: Shot for the Current

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Critic's Pick Release Date: 2011-03-03

Photography has always sat a bit precariously at the art table. The use of a machine to make images was seen as wondrous by the public when the first daguerreotypes appeared in the early 1800s, but not everyone approved. Photography was considered a fraudulent practice, missing the touch of the craftsman’s hand, the camera seemed as demonic as the large factories that were transforming 19th-century Europe. Today, attitudes have somewhat changed, at least in the art world, where photography is now used by artists of all stripes, popping up in painting, as part of multi-media work, or done straight up. Shot for the Current at TRANSIT this month presents photographs by staff and contributing photographers Justin Parr, Erik Gustafson, and Bryan Rindfuss that were culled from the paper’s archives. This is reportorial photography — shot and edited to illustrate content — but the shooters’ work has appeal on its own. In Homeless Camp by Justin Parr the photograph’s stark, formal rigor accentuates the extremities of life outside society. Erik Gustafson’s picture of David Zamora Casas, seen beside one of his collage pieces, captures the artist’s brio and his palette as well. The styles on view are many, from crafted portraits to images bordering on the abstract, all part of a week’s work. Free, receptions 6-10pm Thu, Mar 3, and Fri, Mar 4, TRANSIT, 1907 S St. Mary’s, (210) 388-0629.