Texas Democratic Party chair calls for Dan Ramos to resign



We suspected Bexar County Democratic Chair Dan Ramos' comments wouldn't go down easy with Democrats in Bexar County or across the state. We were right. Earlier tonight the chair of the state Democratic Party called on Ramos to resign, saying the "bigoted attitudes he expressed are totally contrary to the beliefs and declarations of the Texas Democratic Party." Not that comparing the Stonewall Democrats to the Nazi Party has been Ramos' only infraction, according to state Party Chairman Boyd Richie. “From virtually the first day he took office, Dan Ramos has kept the Bexar County Democratic Party in a constant state of turmoil," Richie said in a prepared release. "He has consistently refused to follow the Bexar County Democratic Party Rules and the Texas Democratic Party Rules, failed to call or attend meetings required by the local Rules, failed to recognize properly established local committees and officers, refused to elect Precinct Chairs in the manner required by the Rules and the Texas Election Code, and failed to assist Democratic candidates seeking office." The press release continues...
“For many months, Democratic Party officials and activists have petitioned the State Party to intercede in the Bexar County situation.  Until recently I resisted those requests because I believed that the best remedy would be one crafted and agreed to by Democrats inside Bexar County.  Just yesterday I sent a letter to Mr. Ramos and other concerned individuals inviting them to a sit-down to discuss the problem.  I no longer believe that such a meeting would be useful or have any purpose.  What is necessary is for Dan Ramos to immediately resign and allow the Bexar County Democratic Party to move forward with new, more unifying leadership.”