Art opening: CAM: The 2nd Annual Art Kite Festival

Critic's Pick Release Date: 2011-03-16

Kite flying is an important pastime in Asia — everyone does it — but in the USA the old saying, “Go fly a kite!” really means, “Get away from me, nitwit!” Perhaps we rate seriousness, like work, too highly in this country. This Sunday afternoon everyone is invited to go fly a kite at The 2nd Annual Art Kite Festival at Pittman Sullivan Community Garden. This is a recommended event on the CAM calendar, and rightly so. I haven’t heard any talk that Japanese-style kite fighting will occur, but there will be competition of the artsy kind. The emphasis is on handmade kites; the strangest or prettiest thing you can sail in the air will be much appreciated. Supplies and construction assistance will be provided to those without by artists Rick Frederick, Chris Sauter, and Stuart Allen. Don’t panic about displaying non-professional art chops — this is a casual family outing with music by Buttercup and perhaps an impromptu picnic or two. Free, 1-5pm, corner of Dakota and S Palmetto,