Echale! Latino Music Estyles with Bomba Estereo and Nortec Collective Presenting Bostich & Fussible

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Critic's Pick Release Date: 2011-04-27

If you still havenâ??t heard about Tijuanaâ??s Nortec Collective, this is a good time to discover them. The collective of DJs, producers, and graphic artists mixes techno with Northern Mexican music (mainly banda and norteña) and has solidly established themselves as one of the coolest electronica hybrids in the world. NC members Bostich and Fussible are touring behind their Grammy-nominated Bulevar 2000, but Colombiaâ??s Bomba Estéreo (pictured) could very well steal the show. An irresistible, groovy, hypnotic, and aggressive fusion of dub, hip-hop, electronica, and Colombian folk (mostly cumbia), Bomba Estereo is the type of band that hooks you in a second. Sexy singer Liliana Saumet is not the worldâ??s best rapper, but her attitude and charisma are hard to match, and there is a solid band behind her. Nortec and Bomba Estéreo are two of the key members of the roster of Nacional Records, the leading Latin alternative label in the U.S. If youâ??re new to the genre, this show is a great introduction. Free, 6pm, Pearl Park Amphitheatre, 369 Pearl Pkwy,