Obamacare, gonorrhea, UFOs, and Bexar County's dirty livers



OK. We assume you've heard the latest, Mr./Mrs./Ms. One-in-Four San Antonio: you're about to have health insurance. Yep, the Supremes are smiling on you 350,000 without insurance today. Our hope is that with the expansion of health services you'll rush right out there and get some STD testing. This double-the-state-average on STD's like gonorrhea and 50-percent bump in chlamydia is, well, embarrassing.

From the Texas Department of State Health Services:


Which could explain why you're doing this to your livers.


Writes the Texas Tribune of the decision:
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, President Obama’s signature health care legislation, is constitutional — including the individual mandate that forces Americans to carry health insurance, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Thursday. The decision has far-reaching implications for Texas, where leaders have ardently opposed “Obamacare” even though the state has the country’s highest percent of uninsured residents. In addition to requiring all citizens to purchase health insurance, the law dramatically expands Medicaid, which already makes up close to a quarter of Texas’ state budget. The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 to uphold the individual mandate, saying it is constitutional under the federal government's taxing power: The only effect of not carrying insurance is paying a tax. The court also held that the Medicaid expansion is constitutional, but that the federal government may not withhold Medicaid funds from states that fail to comply with the expansion. (Read the ruling here.)


In other news, the Republicans want to outlaw critical thinking and voters say Obama would be better at handling an alien invasion than that Romney feller. We know what the survey says now, who do you want negotiating terms with the citizens of Nibiru?