Caption Contest: Bill Clinton's joke





We've all peeped the Twitpic seen 'round Loop 1604 by now, but is anyone else wondering what Bill Clinton said at that Mi Tierra summit that has Henry Cisneros, Mayor Julian Castro and Spurs coach Gregg Popovich in stitches? Leave your best attempt in the comments section and we'll give the winner free Current magazines for life, to be redeemed at the nearest Current distribution box.

I have some other questions as well ...

1) How dirty was the joke Bill Clinton is telling?

2) Is Clinton wearing a friendship bracelet?

3) Who still drinks soda?

4) Is Clinton still a power vegan? And if so, what did he order at Mi Tierra?

5) I just took a Buzzfeed quiz that told me that the celebrity couple me and my significant other most resemble is Bill and Hillary Clinton. Do you think he'd high-five me?