Uber Offers Free Rides During Fiesta 2014




Now you can drink responsibly all you want during Fiesta because uberX, an on-demand car service, is offering free rides during Fiesta.

Uber is an app driven car service that works much like a cab. If you download their app from iTunes, orĀ Google Play, you can order a car to pick you up almost anywhere in San Antonio. An uberX driver will arrive in a mid-size Hybrid sedan, and off you go, rolling in environmentally conscientious style.

According to Uber's blog post, your first 10 uberX rides will be free, up to $50 off each ride throughout Fiesta.

The money you save taking an uberX, rather than a cab, means you'll have more money for food, drink, and fun at Fiesta.

But, remember, uberX responsibly everyone.

via Uber