Early Voting For Primary Runoff Election Begins--Here Are a Few Reminders




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After the March primary election results were tallied and totaled, a handful of candidates still face their challengers before they can officially represent their party come November. These candidates didn’t garner more than 50 percent of the vote to secure victory and will go head-to-head with their closest opponent during the primary election runoff election. Early voting for the runoffs begin today. Remember: Texas holds a “semi-open” primary, meaning you don’t have to formally register as a Democrat or Republican, but if you vote in one party’s primary you can’t switch over come a runoff election.

Here’s some other info before you head to the polls:

When Can I Vote?

Runoff Election Early Voting Period: Monday, May 19— Friday, May 23; 8 a.m.— 8:00 p.m

Runoff Election Day: May 27

Early voting locations can be found here.

If you need a refresher on Texas political office holder duties and responsibilities, revisit the Current’s Primary Voting Guide.

To preview the Democratic ballot, click here.

To preview the Republican ballot, click here.

Wait, can I even vote in the runoff election? If you skipped the primary, you can vote in the runoff election but if you voted for one party in the primary you cannot switch over during the runoff. So, if you voted in the Democratic primary and now hope to switch over and vote for all the moderate Republicans in the runoff, or vice versa, sorry!

What kind of ID do I need to vote? Due to the new Texas voter ID law, only certain forms of identification will be allowed at the voting booth. Approved forms of ID include: Texas driver license, an election ID certificate or personal ID card issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), a Texas concealed handgun license, a U.S. passport, a U.S. military ID with photograph and a U.S. citizenship certificate with photograph. You can no longer use your student ID alone. And, if the name on your approved photo ID doesn’t exactly match the name on your voter registration card you will only be able to vote if the names are “substantially similar” and you’ll likely need to submit an affidavit confirming your identity. Click here for more info via VoteTexas.gov.

So, who’s running?

U.S. Senate


David Alameel

Kesha Rogers

U.S. House Representatives-District 23


Francisco "Quico" Canseco

Will Hurd

Lieutenant Governor


David Dewhurst

Dan Patrick

Attorney General


Dan Branch

Ken Paxton

Commissioner of Agriculture


Kinky Friedman

Jim Hogan


Tommy Merritt

Sid Miller

District Judge- 45th Judicial District


Laura Flores Macom

John Bustamante

Railroad Commissioner


Ryan Sitton

Wayne Christian

District Judge- 144th Judicial District


Tanner Neidhardt

Lorina Rummel

Judge, County Court at Law- No. 13


Joe Hoelscher

Crystal Chandler

Judge, County Court at Law- No. 14


Susan Skinner

David P. Martin

District Clerk


Mary Angie Garcia

Elva Abundis-Esparza

County Clerk


Suzanne de Leon

Cassandra Littlejohn

Precinct Chair- No. 4077


Lorena Barideaux Hastings

Ramon Esparza, Jr.

County Commissioner- Precinct 4


Timothy Wilson

Alan E. Baxter


Tommy Calvert

Debra Guerrero