Cell Phone Dryer Is Real And Its Name is DryBox





Have you ever dropped your smart phone in the toilet on accident? Yes, you have! Don’t lie.

Truth be told, my wife has. When her phone slipped out of her pocket, it did a swan dive into bowl. Neither our insurance plan nor phone carrier covered water damage, and we had to buy her a new phone altogether.

San Antonio based company Dry Ventures Inc. has a solution for drowned phones with DryBox Wet Phone Rescue. By inserting a water damaged cell phone into their patent Redbox-looking kiosk within 2 -3 days of the incident, it will use a combination of heat and pressure to rapidly remove all the harmful moisture from the electronic device in under 30 minutes.

The rival method of removing moisture from a cell phone using a hair dryer or rice is unreliable.

“It’s like playing Russian roulette with your phone,” says David Naumann, the managing partner at DryVentures Inc. “There might be moisture in it and it could cause a short.”

According to Naumann, Drybox provides a more reliable method of resuscitating smart phones with a 70% success rate.

Currently, there is only one kiosk in San Antonio located in North Star Mall, and the service costs $20. If you ever have to give it a whirl, let us know how it works in the comments.