RIP Thelma and Louise: SA Zoo's Two-Headed Turtle Passes Away




One of San Antonio's most beloved and outlandish residents was lost on Tuesday. Thelma and Louise, the bicephalic turtle who received national attention for her uncommon condition, suddenly died yesterday of unknown causes. At just over a year old, she exhibited little growth in the past few months. Because of her unique needs, Thelma and Louise received special neonatal care, in a condition-monitored enclosure with ample room for swimming, eating and basking.

Thelma and Louise was treasured by the zoology community, having been visited by thousands in her short lifespan. On her first birthday, hundreds of birthday card adorned her tank in the Friedrich Aquarium. She even has a dedicated Facebook page with over 8500 likes. The San Antonio Zoo is deeply saddened by her loss, but they encourage supporters to donate to turtle and tortoise conservation causes to help the reptiles that have had it much worse than her.