Dan Patrick and Leticia Van de Putte Release New Ads




The race for Texas lieutenant governor went full-0n negative today as the campaigns for Dan Patrick and Leticia Van de Putte attacked each other in a pair of newly released television ads.

Republican candidate Dan Patrick made it a point to repeatedly use the dirtiest word in conservative politics to describe his Democratic rival—that word being "liberal." In the 30-second ad sure to inundate local airwaves, Patrick paints "Liberal Leticia" as a tax-happy member of the left wing. But according to analysis from Rice University's Mark P. Jones for the Texas Tribune, Van de Putte's voting record makes her one of the most "quintessentially" moderate members of chamber, rather than the socialist monster Patrick makes her out to be.

On the Democratic front, Van de Putte leaned on her background as a pharmacist to attack Dan Patrick on his record of siding against victims of sexual violence. In an ad titled "Rape is Just Rape" that claims is "just too dangerous" for Texas, Van de Putte points out Patricks' record of voting against funding to test the huge backlog of rape kits that have piled up in Texas for decades.

Each campaign has purchased multi-million dollar ad buys to secure spots in Texas' major media markets.