Abbott Axes Longtime Texas Music Office Director


Texas' new governor, Greg Abbott, fired Casey Monahan, longtime director of the Texas Music Office. - STEVE HOPSON
  • Steve Hopson
  • Texas' new governor, Greg Abbott, fired Casey Monahan, longtime director of the Texas Music Office.

Governor-elect Greg Abbott has cleaned house, like all politicians do when elected.

And longtime Texas Music Office director Casey Monahan fell victim to the political purge.

But a petition to reinstate him is gaining momentum, reaching 2,000 signatures as of Wednesday morning.

"We, the undersigned, as professional musicians, professionals in the Texas music industry, and fans of Texas musicians, ask you to reinstate Casey Monahan as head of the Texas Music Office," the petition states. "Mr. Monahan knows the pulse of the industry, knows the musicians, was formerly a music critic for the Austin-American Statesman, and has championed the careers of many local musicians as well as the state of music and the music industry in Texas in General [sic]. His removal from the Texas Music Office, in our opinion, would be a mistake that would affect ourselves, the quality of music, and the music business in Texas."

The Texas Music Office opened in 1990 and its legislative mandate was "to promote the development of the music industry in the state by informing members of that industry and the public about the resources available in the state for music production."

Every year, the Texas Music Office helps out 14,000 clients, from new bands "to BBC journalists seeking information on Down South Hip hop," according to the office, which uses a Business Referral Network that includes 7,300 Lone Star State music businesses in 96 business categories. The network also includes 690 Texas music events, 7,200 Texas recording artists, 824 radio stations, national music contacts, 949 international businesses interested in Texas music and detailed info for classical music organizations in Texas.

"The TMO created and maintains which contains 15,962 business, band or event listings totaling 3,028 printed pages. In 2007, it attracted 383,118 unique visitors resulting in 1,039,135 page views," Texas Music Office states on its website.

Monahan has managed the office for 25 years.