Big Bend Conservation Alliance Asking President Obama To Stop Trans-Pecos Pipeline


  • Big Bend Conservation Alliance
Mr. President, stop this pipeline.

That's the message from the Big Bend Conservation Alliance, which has set up an online petition asking President Barack Obama to halt plans to build a 143-mile pipeline through the region.

"The Trans-Pecos pipeline is slated to run through the Big Bend to supply natural gas to Mexico as part of their energy reform. It is one of two massive pipelines to extend from a hub near Coyanosa to the Mexican border intended to fuel power plants and industrial factories," the petition states. "While Mexico’s desire for cheap natural gas is understandable, the Big Bend Conservation Alliance feels this is incompatible with the traditional values of the region and disregards the incredible significance of the Big Bend’s natural and cultural resources."

The 42-inch pipeline, which would be underground, would ship natural gas to Mexico.

The San Antonio Express-News reports that the exact route of the pipeline is undisclosed, but that it is expected to run through private ranch land. 

The Big Bend Sentinel reported that the plans are meeting heavy opposition from locals.