There's A Lot Of Fiesta Garbage In The San Antonio River


Trash from Fiesta clogs the San Antonio River. - SAN ANTONIO RIVER AUTHORITY
  • San Antonio River Authority
  • Trash from Fiesta clogs the San Antonio River.

Talk about a trashy way to end Fiesta.

The San Antonio River Authority reports that garbage from Fiesta made a mess of the river.

"What happens on the streets of ‪#‎Fiesta‬, ends up in our creeks and river. We wish everyone a Happy Fiesta, but please be considerate of the environment and keep it clean," the organization said on Facebook.

"A lot of the things that we found in the trash, a lot of them can be recycled," San Antonio River Authority spokeswoman Clarissa Perez told Fox 29. "So if we can encourage people to recycle and throw away their trash, that keeps these things out of rivers."

Officials told KSAT 12 the trash, which is piled along an 8-mile stretch of the river in the Mission Reach, will take weeks to clean up.

For volunteer opportunities, contact the San Antonio River Authority.