10 Texan Reactions To SCOTUS' Fabulous Same-Sex Marriage Ruling



Is there any bigger piece of news this morning? Local citizens and politicians from across Texas are taking to social to share their thoughts on the Supreme Court's ruling that allows same-sex couples to marry throughout all 50 states. Here's what they're saying: 

From our lovely guv:
Local freelancer, Edmond Ortiz on Scalia's take:
Get thee to a courthouse says the UCLA of Texas:

A little one will go to his first gay wedding of MANY:

From Freetail owner, Scott Metzger: 

From a local wedding planner:

Congressman Joaquin Castro knows what's up:
Couldn't have said it better ourselves:

SA2020 Pres Molly Cox has her sights set on a special someone:  

San Antonio Star, Jayne Appel-Starting, and six-year veteran of the WNBA: