Brace Yourselves, Jade Helm 15 Is Coming


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First Obamacare.

Then same-sex couples having a Constitutional right to marry.

Both Supreme Court rulings likely influenced the federal government's takeover of Texas, which starts Wednesday — according to the Internet.

Sure was nice of them to let the Lone Star State know exactly when the hostilities would start and how long the campaign would last (September 15).

By now — hopefully — you realize we're not serious about the federal government invading a state that is part of the federal government, and where the military already has 15 bases.

Nonetheless, paranoid Texans, partly fueled by Governor Greg Abbott, have an array of conspiracy theories about the government's intent. 

Rest assured, plenty of experts will be "monitoring" Jade Helm 15 and we'll be monitoring the experts to bring you the latest.

In the meantime, this YouTube video should catch you up to speed on what the military has in store for Texas through Jade Helm 15.