Shitty Cilantro Caused Several Years Of Intestinal Illness In America


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What a bunch of crap!

After three years, the Food and Drug Administration has finally found the source of contaminated cilantro that has sent hundreds of people in Texas running to the nearest toilet.

This is probably no surprise, but poop is responsible for cyclosporiasis outbreaks in the United States. Cyclosporiasis is a virus that comes from shit-tainted food. And, predictably, any contaminated food will literally run right through you.

The FDA started monitoring farms in Puebla, Mexico, after linking outbreaks, starting in 2012, of the intestinal illness to farms in the region. In late June, we reported on one of the most recent outbreaks, which hit Austin

Luckily, there's no wide-spread ban on yummy cilantro. The FDA will be stopping all shipments of cilantro from Puebla, Mexico, between April 1 and August 30, per an order the agency issued on Monday.

According to Bloomberg Business, officials found toilet paper and feces in the cilantro fields in Puebla, Mexico. And the producers won't be able to import cilantro until they prove it's grown and harvested in sanitary, non-shitty conditions.

This year, the Texas Department of State Health Services has recorded more than 200 cyclosporiasis cases.