Watch Ted Cruz Cook Bacon With A Gun


Yes, this is real. - YOUTUBE SCREENSHOT
  • YouTube Screenshot
  • Yes, this is real.

Here's a video that's not going to renew your faith in electoral politics, but might make you laugh a little.

Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican and middling presidential wannabe, took part in a video released today where he cooks bacon on the muzzle of a gun.

Hand to God, that's the most surreal sentence I've ever written about a thing that really happened. Here's the video:

While I don't necessarily support the proliferation of firearms, I do support bacon. Even if the bacon that comes off the muzzle of that gun looks questionable at best.

  • YouTube screenshot
The whole thing is absurd of course, but if you're going to complain about something Texas' junior senator has done, don't pick this. There's a long tradition of people doing really, really stupid things in pursuit of the presidency. This cycle alone, we've had one candidate set his phone on fire, another chainsawing objects and Cruz himself trying out for The Simpsons.