San Antonio AIDS Foundation Launches 'Teen Talk' Website


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There are some tough topics teenagers need to learn about that can be difficult for teens — and some adults — to talk about.

With school back in session, subjects like mental health, sex, bullying and STD prevention aren't always talked about in the classroom.

That's why the San Antonio AIDS Foundation launched a new website called 'Teen Talk' that provides relevant and accurate information about a variety of topics.

"As teenagers, they're at an age where they're starting to experience certain issues," Vanessa Zungia, director of prevention education at SAAF, said in a press release. "The Teen Talk website was developed to help them navigate those situations, and to make choices that will keep them healthy and happy throughout their lives."

The website includes a directory of local and national resources, information and advice from reliable outlets and covers topics like STDs, safe sex, stress, self-esteem, depression, relationship violence and LGBT issues.

"Our goal is to provide information that is reliable, relatable and up-to-date," Zuniga said. "Teenagers are bombarded with so much information at such a fast pace. We want to cut through all that and provide them with facts."

You can follow Teen Talk on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.