Lyft Still Not Operating In San Antonio, But Should Return Soon


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In early August, San Antonio City Council reached a compromise with the transportation network company Lyft.

Lyft and its competitor Uber both pulled out of San Antonio earlier this year after the city passed regulations the companies called burdensome.

The deal with Lyft is a nine-month pilot program. Uber has not agreed to the compromise.

Many San Antonio Current readers were thrilled that Lyft worked out a deal with San Antonio. However, since the agreement, multiple readers have reached out to us asking why Lyft's app doesn't show any available rides.

The app isn't broken, Lyft just isn't operating yet. However, the company says it should be making an announcement about its return soon.

"We're still having internal discussions around the timing of a relaunch in the city. We are planning on returning to San Antonio in the near future, so I'll let you know as soon as I have more details to share," Lyft spokeswoman Chelsea Wilson said in an email.

So while you're Lyft app doesn't show any available rides at the moment, don't worry, Lyft is coming back. They are just working out the final details.

You can read more about the compromise here.