South Texas Girl Sneezes Thousands of Times Per Day


Katelyn Thornley sneezes over 12,000 times per day. - VIA CBS DFW
  • Via CBS DFW
  • Katelyn Thornley sneezes over 12,000 times per day.
This poor girl.

Katelyn Thornley, a 12-year-old girl from Angleton, has been trapped in a sneezing fit for the past three weeks, according to CBS DFW.

Thornley sometimes sneezes 20 times a minute. She doesn’t know how it started, and doctors have ruled out allergies or a virus.

“It just started in little spurts. I just started sneezing. I thought it was like, oh I’m just allergic to something,” she said to CBS DFW. “I’m constantly in pain with my abdomen, my legs are hurting because I’ve been weak and I can barely eat.”

Thornley has stopped attending school and can’t participate in extracurricular activities because of her condition. Multiple doctors have treated her, but to no avail. Even hypnosis hasn’t helped.

Mered Parnes, a neurologist from Texas Children’s Hospital who’s treated Thornley, said that the affliction may be some sort of tic, according to the Daily Mail.