Did You Know That San Antonio's Not a Sanctuary City?


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Activists and organizations, such as LULAC, are working to change San Antonio from being an unofficial sanctuary city to officially becoming a sanctuary city.

Currently, San Antonio is the only major city in Texas that is not a sanctuary city. But the idea of changing that is getting more attention, KSAT reported.

In a sanctuary city, local officials and law enforcement do not ask people about their immigration status or ask them for proof of citizenship.

Recently, these cities have been accused of being unsafe by conservative talking heads who are against immigration. Despite the perception that these cities are unsafe, many, including the San Antonio Police Department, argue otherwise.

However, a Texas Senate bill may limit the scope of sanctuary cities. It failed this year, but is likely to resurface in 2017.

During the debate over this bill earlier this year, the SAPD came out in full force against the bill, saying it would adversely impact public safety, particularly because it would increase the difficulty of solving crimes in immigrant communities, Texas Public Radio reported in April.