This Slam Poet's Ode to Whataburger Says What We All Feel (And Makes Us Hungry)


Amir Safi performing 'An Ode to Whataburger.' - YOUTUBE SCREENSHOT
  • YouTube Screenshot
  • Amir Safi performing 'An Ode to Whataburger.'
The power of one's favorite Whataburger order — whether consumed at midnight, noon, 6 p.m. or 6 a.m. — is a stirring and uplifting thing. For one man, it's inspired a work of beauty and devotion of the highest order.

Amir Safi, a slam poet from Houston, delivered “An Ode to Whataburger” at the Texas Grand Slam Poetry Festival in Bryan and College Station over the weekend. Here’s the full video of Safi’s poem:

Safi’s work encapsulates what we cherish about Whataburger. It is a quintessentially Texan institution, and there are few things that Texans love more than Texas. The peculiar orange A-frames are a judgment-free zone morning, noon or night. There is a sense of psychic love and understanding among the trapped souls idling at the drive-through. And of course, it provides delicious burgers.

This is a poem I'd proudly raise my spicy ketchup packet to. 

(h/t r/texas)