Wallet Hub Ranks San Antonio 18th Most Difficult City to Find a Job



We hear city and business leaders tout it all the time, San Antonio is a great place to live, work and play.

And despite struggling economies in other parts of the state and country, the Alamo City has largely been successful at maintaining a healthy economy with plenty of jobs.

However, a new study by the number-crunching data hounds at Wallet Hub, says San Antonio is the 18th worst city in Texas for finding a job.

Out of 122 Lone Star State cities, with Southlake, Texas, ranked number one and Brownsville, Texas, at the bottom of the list, the Alamo City lands 105.

Here's how Military City played out in Wallet Hub's measurements:
  • 110th – Job Opportunities
  • 48th – Employment Growth
  • 89th – Monthly Median Starting Salary
  • 58th – Unemployment Rate for High School Graduates
  • 87th – Unemployment Rate for Residents with a Bachelor's Degree or Higher
  • 67th – Median Annual Income (Adjusted for Cost of Living)
  • 82nd – Housing Affordability
  • 38th – Time Spent Working & Commuting
Source: WalletHub