Ben Carson, Who Can't Stop Lying, Gets The Perfect Alamo Meme


  • Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Ben Carson, a doctor who is gunning for the GOP presidential nomination and who just might be your next president in the unlikely event that Donald Trump doesn't get to rule us all, is in the news for lying a lot. Media reports have challenged statements he made in his autobiography about his childhood and receiving a scholarship to West Point, the United States Military Academy that is also known as the free United States Military Academy. (Don't worry, he's fine. He's actually pulling in campaign contributions from the controversy because that's the way the Republican Party works.) 

Fortunately for us, the recent Carson news is sparking the creation of many memes that mock candidate's willingness to say things that aren't true. Here we have Carson giving us the history of the Alamo, courtesy of #BenCarsonWikipedia. Enjoy. 

Here are some other choice creations from #BenCarsonWikipedia.