San Antonio's the 5th Best Place in the U.S. To Be a Nurse


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Good news for nurses in San Antonio or nurses looking to relocate to the Alamo City: It's one of the best places to work in the country.

According to Austin-based SpareFoot — an online listing depository for self-storage — and Indeed, an online job listings site, San Antonio has the fifth most available jobs for nurses.

The companies teamed up to crunch numbers to determine the top 10 best cities to be a nurse, and Texas makes a strong showing, with Houston landing in the number one spot, Dallas ranking third and Austin coming in at seventh.

From the report:

San Antonio had the smallest share of jobs among the top ten with 7.9 percent. The average annual salary of $62,000 is the second lowest on the list. But San Antonio is relatively affordable to live in, coming in fourth place on affordability of homes and apartments.

According to the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation, there were 10,741 jobs for registered nurses in 2010, increasing by nearly 67 percent to 17,572 jobs by 2014.

The companies looked at job availability, median rent and home prices, and average annual salary to come up with the rankings.