Federal Judge Calls Texas' Latest Attempt to Ban Syrian Refugees Speculative Hearsay


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Lone Star State Attorney General Ken "Innocent Until Proven Guilty" Paxton's latest attempt to stop refugees from entering Texas was resoundingly denied by a federal judge this week.

The Dallas Morning News reported Paxton claims "terrorist organizations have infiltrated the very refugee program that is central to the dispute," which a judge called speculative hearsay.

From that report:

The [Texas Health and Human Services] Commission argues that terrorists could have infiltrated the Syrian refugees
and could commit acts of terrorism in Texas. The Court finds that the evidence before it is largely speculative hearsay.

The Commission has failed to show by competent evidence that any terrorists actually have infiltrated the refugee program, much less that these particular refugees are terrorists intent on causing harm…

Meanwhile, in Canada, frozen land to the north, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau personally greeted the first group of Syrian refugees to arrive in the country that plans to take in 25,000 refugees by February.