One Texas Legislator Is on a Mission to Keep Texas Safe From 'Foreign Law'


  • Rep. Dan Flynn | Facebook
Texas Representative Dan Flynn is frightened enough of Sharia Law to request a ruling from Lone Star State Attorney General Ken Paxton about whether a state judge can "refuse to apply foreign law in certain family disputes."

This isn't new. Last year, Flynn and several other lawmakers tried to pass American Laws for American Courts, which is just like it sounds, dumb. 

Sarwat Husain, founding president of the San Antonio chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a national advocacy organization often demonized by right wingers, testified against that bill. In May, she told just us how misguided these legislators were, regarding what Husain says is a non-binding arbitration process for civil matters in the traditional Islamic legal system.

"These are the leaders, the elected officials, who do not understand their own laws — state and federal," Husain said. "We have the best judicial system in the world. And they are talking about going to some Muslim place, getting a divorce and coming back here. They still have a right to go to court!"

Flynn, however, doesn't see it that way.

"There is no question the Judeo Christian heritage we covet and aim to protect is under attack. WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE must wake up and recognize the Spiritual Warfare raging in America," Flynn wrote in a 2014 email to constituents, announcing the American Laws for American Courts. "We must strengthen those American principles and traditions that made us so prosperous and free, as it is only a matter of time before the same kind of cultural supplanting is manifested within our shores as well."

You can read his request for an opinion here: