Get a Real Job, San Antonio: Be a Head Lice Removal Technician


Probably going to have to just shave that child from head to toe. - FLICKR CREATIVE COMMONS/ANTONIA HAYES
  • Flickr Creative Commons/Antonia Hayes
  • Probably going to have to just shave that child from head to toe.
 Whether you've got one or you need one, jobs can be a drag. So in a San Antonio Current feature, we scan local job boards to find a real gig you could have that you may never have thought of.

This week: be a professional nit-picker as a head lice removal technician, as advertised by this Craigslist post.

If you have any experience with lice, you know that they can be a terror. Heads are shaved, teddy bears are burned, children are quarantined, Google is frantically searched for the most discrete, efficacious way to destroy the small, head-colonizing organisms.

But there is, apparently, another way. LiceDoctors head lice treatment will bring the instruments of lice destruction to your door. With an all-natural, full-service treatment that includes hand-picking lice eggs out of the afflicted’s hair, the company claims that 99 percent of “children can return to school or camp the next day.”

If this sounds like a gig you could handle, you’re in luck — LiceDoctors is hiring in San Antonio, according to this Craigslist post. Here’s a portion of the ad:

You need to be a pleasant, articulate, confident individual who enjoys helping people solve a problem. We train you in our successful treatment protocol so you can be confident and ready for your first appointment.

This opportunity is on-call, erratic and part time. Full availability is best but hoping you, at least, have solid blocks of time and a willingness to prioritize this work in your life.

We pay $30 per hour plus travel expenses. You must have reliable transportation as you will treat families in their home.

Preferred qualifications (not necessary)
You have worked before or work now
• in healthcare (a nurse, school nurse, HHA, CNA, phlebotomist, etc.)
• as a hairdresser
• in an on-call capacity
• with children

Great for homemakers re-entering the workforce and those with a self-paced, flexible working schedule.

This sounds like truly gnarly work, but it is necessary. Lice are insidious little bastards, and anyone who eradicates them for a living is doing God's work. Click here for more information.