Ethan "Affluenza" Couch Will Be Back in Texas Soon


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Ethan Couch should be on his way back to Texas soon.

You remember him. The "affluenza" kid who killed four people while driving drunk and was sentenced to probation after his fancy pants lawyers convinced a judge that Ethan Couch would not understand the consequence of his crime because of his coddled upbringing and his dysfunctional parents.

That was 2013.

Fast-forward to last December: a video surfaces on the Internet that appears to show Ethan Couch drinking, a violation of his probation. Then, Ethan Couch disappears with his mother, Tanya Couch, a clear violation of his probation. 

By the end of December, Mexican authorities had caught the pair

While Tanya Couch was immediately extradited, Ethan Couch tried to delay extradition. However, The Dallas Morning News reports that he has given up on avoiding extradition

Looks like he's coming home to face the music.