Actor LeVar Burton to Speak at St. Philip's College


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Whether you spent Saturday mornings learning from "Reading Rainbow" or are a fan of Giordi La Forge from Star Trek: The Next Generation or know LeVar Burton from his ground-breaking character Kunta Kinte in the television series Roots, there's a can't-miss event going on for this week.

This Thursday, February 11, St. Philip's College (1801 Martin Luther King Drive, 210-486-7000) will host Burton at 11 a.m. as a part of their President's Lecture Series.

As the host of "Reading Rainbow," Burton is a literary enthusiast who inspired a generation of readers, and viewers like you (zing!). His appearance is free to the public. 

In celebration of his visit, let's all take the time to remember how dedicated Mr. Burton has been, and continues to be to the promotion of reading and literacy.