Get a Real Job, San Antonio: Be an Internet Spirit Guide


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  • Have you used the Internet?
Whether you've got one or you need one, jobs can be a drag. So in a San Antonio Current feature, we scan local job boards to find a real gig you could have that you may never have thought of.

This week: be an Internet sherpa to some guy who says he needs one, as advertised by this Craigslist post.

I typically pick each week's "Get a Real Job" occupation because of how specific and unusual a certain job is (head lice removal technician, Western horseback rider and wildlife specialist all come to mind). This week, I'm going the other direction with a job posting looking for a local "Internet Genius."

The post reads as if it was written by a person looking for a search engine optimization expert, but had never heard that term before. The writer of the post may or may not have dozens of America Online free trial CD-ROMs squirreled away in every nook and cranny of his or her office.

Here's the full post as it appears on Craigslist:

Personally I am not an internet person but I know what I want and here it is. I have several companies and I want you to be the internet guy. Here is what I am going to do. I am going to give you a list of 300 words or phrases and I would like you to be able to make sure that anytime someone Googles any of those words in San Antonio that the name of my company comes up first.

Can you do this?

References, examples and past work required.

The gig pays $25 per hour, which might be a competitive rate for an "Internet person." It sounds like the employer has a specific task they want performed, but who knows where it could go from there?

With no name or purpose for the companies, no set start or end date, the use of Google as a verb (which is something we all do anyway, I guess), there is a sense of mystery attached to the directness of the post. If I counted myself among the "Internet people" of the world, I'd be intrigued.

For more information or to apply for the job, click here.

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