This Boban Marjanovic T-Shirt Might Be What Your Spurs Apparel Collection Needs


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We don't know when Boban-mania will end. Hopefully never. But certainly not any time soon.

While Marjanovic jerseys aren't yet ubiquitous at the AT&T Center, this new T-shirt from Spurs blog Pounding the Rock and BreakingT might soon be:


Inspired by "OBEY/Andre the Giant" artwork by Shepard Fairey, the tee could be yours for $24. Frankly, I'm at a loss for words just looking at it, so here's the full description by the shirt's makers:

Boban is the definition of a gentle giant. Everybody loves him, and despite being a dunking and rebounding monster, he has a remarkably soft shooting touch. The future is bright in San Antonio, with BOBEY and his posse leading the way.
Bright indeed. 

(H/T Pounding the Rock/BreakingT)