Councilman Medina Pushes for New Music Advocacy Agencies


A young guitar player outside Mission San Jose - WIKIMEDIA COMMONS
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  • A young guitar player outside Mission San Jose
Preserving San Antonio's musical history and enhancing its stature as a live music destination is the focus of a new effort by a city council member.

Councilman Cris Medina recently circulated a Council Consideration Request, a non-binding call to action that council members use to push a policy priority, calling for the creation of a Live Music and Entertainment Division and San Antonio Music Commission.

The focus of these new entities would be to "increase the number of live music venues in the city, increase music/entertainment/tech industry business and job opportunities, improve area schools' music education programs, and establish procedures to maximize live music and entertainment tourism opportunities."

Medina cited music's economic impact in other cities renowned for their musical histories and scenes, including Nashville, Austin and New Orleans. Part of the new agencies' roles would be to preserve and play up San Antonio's own musical heritage, such as the creation of Conjunto the West Side Sound.

Medina's effort gained the support of Councilmen Ron Nirenberg, Rey Saldana, Alan Warrick and Roberto TreviƱo, and will be referred to the council's Governance Committee. See Medina's full Council Consideration Request below: