Listen to a Snippet of the Very First CurrentCast, Featuring San Antonio FC Head Coach Darren Powell



It's (almost) here!

Tomorrow we'll officially launch our weekly podcast, CurrentCast, which will feature one-one-one interviews and discussions about what's going on in San Antonio.

The first installment of the podcast features an interview with San Antonio FC Head Coach Darren Powell. Powell's club, owned by Spurs Sports and Entertainment, began its debut season last Sunday with a 3-0 win over Seattle Sounders FC 2, and will face the Kansas City's Swope Park Rangers this Saturday at 7:30 p.m. at Toyota Field. 

Here's a snippet of our interview with Powell:

Come back tomorrow to hear the full interview, where Powell discusses putting his team together on short notice, what he does when he's not thinking about soccer, and how the team will help bring Major League Soccer to San Antonio.

The podcast will be immediately available through SoundCloud, and will soon be available via iTunes and Stitcher. If you have questions, suggestions or thoughts about CurrentCast, email Michael Marks at

If the music sounds familiar, it is. Thanks to Garrett T. Capps for letting us use the track "San Antone."