Ethan Couch Sentenced to Nearly Two Years in Prison


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Who kills four people in a drunken driving crash, flees to Mexico after violating probation and only gets sentenced to two years in prison?

Not Eric Miller. He killed a man while driving drunk and was sentenced to two decades in prison by Tarrant County District Judge Jean Boyd. Nearly a decade later, this same judge sentenced Ethan Couch, who was found guilty of killing four people in crash while he drove drunk, to probation. 

Couch's defense? He was so rich, and his parents so dysfunctional, that he could not tell the difference between right and wrong.

Couch eventually violated that probation and fled to Mexico with his mother, both of whom were caught.

The unjust story of a rich white kid receiving a lenient sentence, whereas, just about anyone else, in the same situation, would face years and years in prison, continued this week when another judge sentenced the 19-year-old to nearly two years in jail. 

The Dallas Morning News reports that State District Judge Wayne Salvant expects to make a final ruling in the intoxication manslaughter case in two weeks.