Rain Recedes, But Weather Service Urges Caution


Dang 'ol storm came down on us, man. - FLICKR CREATIVE COMMONS
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  • Dang 'ol storm came down on us, man.
Everybody ok out there?

San Antonio was pounded with rain today, with most parts of town reporting several inches of precipitation. It was just the latest storm in what's been a rainy few weeks in the Alamo City (although thankfully no hail this time). The soil is saturated, creating ideal conditions for flooding.

The National Weather Service reports that most of the big weather is past us, and it should stay that way through the weekend. 

But San Antonio's not out of the woods yet. The usual warnings apply: Roads are still slick, some streets are still flooded over and additional, unpredicted precipitation could cause conditions to deteriorate fast. The NWS has a flash flood watch in effect until 10 pm.

And if you find yourself in a predicament like the guy below, remember to turn around, don't drown: